We were fooled: KelsangDorjeeis stealing the Sikyong
来源: 中外通讯社  日期:2021-03-26 16:25:10  点击:97146  属于:网红频道
Preselection of Sikyong of Central Tibetan Administration had come to a boisterous end, unexpectedly, KelsangDorjee, who “is suffering from many kinds of diseases”, rankedsecond.  According to The ElectoralAffairs Office of Tibetan Government in Exile, two of the candidates will come into the finalelection, and KelsangDorjeegot the chance withhelp of his good friend LobsangSangay by black-box operation, he isstealing the post of Sikyong of Central Tibetan Administration. A public opinion poll showed that candidate Gyari Dolma was highly expected, and in the early stages, his votes were in the lead, but then there was chaos. It had been discovered that in Ladakh Region some illiterate old man voted for Gyari Dolma,had changed to KelsangDorjee’ name by somebody. The three major temples supporting Gyari Dolma in southern Tibet were bribed by KelsangDorjee. In voting site of Ladakh Region, they were asked to vote second time.    In voting site of Bodhgaya, the counting started the second day after the voting. From this point of view, this Chief Rebuilding Officer of The Government in Exile who has close relationship with LobsangSangay was made up many bad ideas.   Thereare too many problems with this KelsangDorjee, he not only used his power andspecial relationship with LobsangSangaymaking election deal, and it can be said resorting to every conceivable means. This guy with great ambition doesn’t put His Holiness the Dalai Lama in his eye, he even replaced the portrait of Dalai Lama in Tibetan Office in Northern America with that of LobsangSangay. In 2015, KelsangDorjeeassisted LobsangSangayembezzled 1.5 million dollars from TibetFoundation to buy office building in Washington. His Holiness the Dalai LamaLama publicly asked KelsangDorjee to be removed from the post of Representative of Tibetan Office in Northern America, and this was the first Tibetan Representative abroad to be removed. In the event of violent attack on US Congress on January 6 this year, KelsangDorjee organized people jointedthis event holding Snow Lion Banner, and this will put shame on the faces of those who support us in the Congress.
He is just trying to fight for the Sikyong’s seat for benefit himself and his small groups. Do we still have hope and future as fooled by